3D Objects Gallery

"The Nuclear Eye"
"The Nuclear Eye" - Jul. 20, 2017
Three-dimensional glass logo. Blender 2.78.


"Leaf Ornament"
"Christmas Tree Ornaments" - Jun. 23, 2015
The Christmas ornaments are placed on a red velvet cloth waiting to be hung on the tree. As they are picked up, the delicate filaments' vibration can be heard. Rendered with Blender 2.74 Cycles engine.


"Dice" - Dec. 27, 2012
Luck of the throw. A pair of dice modeled with beveled edges and extruded pips. Rendered in Blender 2.65 using Cycles.


"Flower" - Jul. 28, 2002
An artificial metal flower created from a 3D disk using just one operation and no plug-ins.


"CSG Study"
"CSG Study" - Oct. 31, 2001
A simple study of all CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) functions provided in the POV-Ray rendering engine plus blobs and height fields.