Space Art Gallery

"Alien World"
"Alien World" - Jan. 28, 2002
Alien-built transportation systems mar the landscape of this barren planet. This ancient alien civilization abandoned their world after "explorers" from another world decided to use it as their dumping grounds.


"Cold Space"
"Cold Space" - Nov. 7, 2001
Standing on our moon looking towards the Earth while Jupiter and Venus appear close, but yet so far, far away. Next to zero atmosphere, one feels surrounded by the frigid infinite universe. POV-Ray.


"E.V.A." - Jun. 18, 2001
Exploration of a small moon in another galaxy. As the surface fades into the distance, one senses the accomplishments of a true explorer.


"Fire On The Water"
"Fire On The Water" - Nov. 27, 2000
Fictional dream-like world where every piece of debris that falls to the surface bursts into flame. This is similar to what Mars would look like at the beginning of its creation.